Development of the Slip Rate Wheel Slide Control System with a New Pneumatic Valve for Shinkansen

Norimichi KUMAGAI, Seigo UCHIDA

We developed slip rate wheel slide control system and a new pressure intensifier cylinder with pneumatic valve for Shinkansen emu, in order to avoid increasing of braking distance under wet condition. The control system has high speed calculation ability of wheel rotation speed and deceleration. The calculation time of speed is 24ms and that of deceleration is 105ms which is about one-third of the usual. This shows that the performance of wheel slip detection of the new system was improved considerably comparing with the usual. Shinkansen used to equip pressure intensifier cylinders which had a wheel slide control valve by hydraulic. The newly developed cylinder has 61% weight, 67% length, lower initial cost and lower maintenance cost of the usual one. We had the brake test with E3-series Shinkansen (JR-East) under wet condition, and obtained a good result of which the extension distance of emergency braking was under only 5%.

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