2. Analyzing Techniques for Human Factor Railway Accidents

      No appropriate technique for analyzing human factor railway accidents has been proposed, and thus individual methods suitable for each field have been applied for accident analysis. In addition, commonly used analysis methods are too complex for those without specialist knowledge to use, and many such methods result in failed analysis. There has therefore been ample scope for the pursuit of human factor analysis.

      As a result, a technique was devised to clearly and simply analyze the causes of accidents resulting from human factors (Fig.1). This technique divides the procedure for analyzing such accidents into the following three steps: (1) Analysis of deviation from the original ideal state; (2) investigation of the causes (i.e. the human factors) of deviation, and (3) summary of the problems clarified by the analysis. The appropriate analysis methods are then combined for each individual step. These methods are devised to be carried out easily without prior knowledge of accident analysis. The technique has already been used in the actual operation of railways and in safety management sections.

      Related software has also been created to enable smooth computer analysis.

Fig.1 Flow and technique of accident analysis

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