7. Railway Traffic Operation Adjustment Plan to Minimize Passenger Inconvenience

      When a train operation diagram is disrupted due to accident, disaster etc., a dispatcher makes railway traffic operation adjustments to remedy train operation diagram irregularities. Such measures may include suspending train services, changing train schedules, train order and arrival/departure track numbers.

      Although computer systems are widely used to support the railway traffic operation adjustments, their automatic creation functions (such as those for changing train order) are limited, and do little to lighten the workload of the dispatcher using the system.

      In this study, an algorithm for creating a railway traffic operation adjustment plan was developed. The algorithm has an automatic function supporting changes in train order as well as suspension of service, changes in car scheduling and arrival/departure track number. This algorithm uses a passenger inconvenience index calculated from the number of train delays/outboard stops and operation frequency/connection reduction, which is then used as an evaluation measure to quickly create a railway traffic operation adjustment plan reducing the inconvenience index to a minimum.

      Fig.1 and 2 show the execution results of this algorithm. The diagram in Fig.1 shows a situation where no railway traffic operation adjustment is made in response to a train delay of approximately 20 minutes due to a car problem at the starting station. Fig.2 shows the result of railway traffic operation adjustments to reduce the inconvenience index to the minimum by applying this algorithm to the scenario in Fig.1. The computer took approximately one minute to create this railway traffic operation adjustment plan.

      In the future, a function to create crew scheduling plan changes will be added, and simulations will be performed on a variety of sections for practical system use.

Fig.1 No railway traffic operation adjustment (inconvenience index = 799)

Fig.2 Railway traffic operation adjustment based on algorithm (30 timetable changes, inconvenience index =153)

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