1. Urgent earthquake detection and alarm system using now-cast earthquake information
  • Development of a practical urgent earthquake detection and alarm system using the now-cast earthquake information issued by the Japan Meteorological Agency
  • Summary of handbook (draft) on using now-cast earthquake information for railways
  •       The RTRI has developed a prototype alarm system for specific sections as a means of developing a practical urgent earthquake detection and alarm system using the real time earthquake information (referred to below as now-cast earthquake information) planned by the Japan Meteorological Agency. The performance of this prototype has been verified using the test system for distribution of now-cast earthquake information introduced in February 2004 (Fig. 1), with the results showing that the information is satisfactorily sent and received. There are no problems with processing the information after it is received, nor do problems exist with the issuance of alarms, the status monitoring function under normal conditions or other functions of the system as a whole, demonstrating that it is technologically feasible for practical use.
          Based on these results, the RTRI has designed and manufactured a practical system for revenue service lines. Using the now-cast earthquake information, the system judges the influence of an earthquake on the relevant lines and automatically transmits a train radio signal containing the earthquake information and a command to stop trains when necessary (Fig. 2).
          To expedite the use of now-cast earthquake information for railways, the RTRI has drafted a handbook in conjunction with the Japan Meteorological Agency. The handbook describes the features of the information (accuracy and timing of issuance), the means and features of information transmission (rapidity, reliability, security and cost), examples of information use and action to be taken if the system fails.

    Fig.1 Prototype systemFig.2 Display screen when earthquake occurs

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