11. New operation aptitude inspection items
  • Clarification of the capacity for error-prevention required for members in charge of the current work and environment
  • Performance of error simulation tests to select possible inspection items for different job categories and equipment conditions
  •       Operation aptitude inspections are carried out for members directly involved in train operation. However, the basic framework for inspections and evaluation methods have not changed at all since the inspection system was introduced around 50 years ago. In the meantime, the speed and frequency of trains have increased, the automation of work has progressed, the performance of security equipment has improved and the service styles of train operation crew have changed significantly. It is therefore thought that the types of skill required for those engaged in train operation, as well as the levels of skill, have changed accordingly.
          Consequently, the RTRI reviewed the current operation aptitude inspection system and attempted to make it more practical. To this end, the RTRI classified errors in train operation duties that would lead to collision or derailment for different job categories and equipment conditions, and clarified the abilities required for train operation staff. The RTRI then assessed the tendency of normal subjects to make errors by using a train operation simulator and implementing computer tests. The results clarified the relationship between errors and inspection items (Table 1). In this process, the RTRI discussed 20 items from the current inspection, inspections by other railway companies and a newly developed inspection corresponding to error prevention abilities. Based on the clarified relationship between errors and inspection items, the RTRI selected the C-107 inspection (action and judgment), multi-option response inspection A and an attention capacity inspection as promising candidate items for the new operation aptitude inspection.
          The RTRI plans to test the candidate inspection items at railway companies and analyze their correspondence with accidents, aiming to apply them in practice. This is expected to simplify inspection procedures and improve the safety of train operation.

    Table 1 Candidate items for the new operation aptitude inspection for different job categories and equipment conditions

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