5. Improvement of passenger guidance service based on the automatic screening and distribution of information
  • Development of a passenger service technique to quickly respond to changed schedules
  • Development of a technique to distribute information to station crew when the train operation diagram is disrupted
  •       The RTRI has combined functions to guide passengers changing trains and offer real-time guidance for passenger convenience, devised a technique to automatically distribute guidance information according to the expected path of passengers (guidance for changing trains, arrival of trains and routes to bus terminals), and developed a prototype passenger guidance system using portable telephone mail (Fig. 1). Even when a passenger has missed his intended train, the system (a management server) flexibly changes their schedules and continues its guidance. The usefulness of this system has been highly evaluated in a demonstration test at a large station.
          To enable station crew to provide appropriate guidance information to passengers confused by disruption to the train operation diagram, the RTRI devised a technique to select the information required by each crew member from an enormous volume of elements (such as the adjusted train operation diagram and information on train delays) and automatically distribute it on a timely basis. This technique determines the appropriate timing for distributing information in consideration of the position and role of station crew (as receivers of information), train operation status, the predicted train operation diagram and other conditions, and displays the selected information on portable terminals in different colors according to its degree of importance (Fig. 2). In an evaluation test of a prototype system, it was confirmed that the information selected by this technique was extremely useful in correctly assessing the constantly-changing situation.

    Fig. 1 An outline of the passenger guidance system

    Fig. 2 Information displayed in different colors according to the degree of importance (system to distribute information to station crew)

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