1. An outline of technological development
      In relation to the superconducting magnetic levitation railway system under development on the Yamanashi test line, the RTRI ran a five-year plan from fiscal 2000 in order to verify the system's reliability and durability, reduce construction and running costs and improve rolling stock aerodynamic characteristics (Fig. 1). In fiscal 2004 (the final year of the five-year plan), the RTRI implemented tests to simulate abnormal situations on the Yamanashi test line and promoted basic technology development to verify the durability of superconducting magnets and ground coils at its Kunitachi institute.
      In March 2005, Committee for the Evaluation of Practical Technology for the Superconducting Magnetic Levitation Railway System of the Ministry of Land Infrastructure and Transport judged that, as a result of running tests and technological development up to fiscal 2004, the technology for the superconducting magnetic levitation railway system had greatly advanced, and that the basic technology for the system's commercialization had been established.
      The technological developments in Fig. 1 below have been promoted with a subsidy from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.

Fig. 1 An outline of tests (fiscal 2000 to 2004)

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