1. Additional functions for an interlocking table creation support system
  • The RTRI added an automatic generation function for interlocking tables that incorporates conditions not described in track layout diagrams for an Interlocking Table Creation Support System.
  • Functions were added to enable commentary and simulation of interlocking operation with a created interlocking table for the purposes of verification support and educational support.

An interlocking table is a statement of specifications (interlocking logic) for the operations of an interlocking device performing the control of signal devices and point machines, and requires enormous amounts of effort to create. The RTRI has developed an Interlocking Table Creation Support System to efficiently assist in this job through the use of computers.

A function to automatically generate interlocking logic from track layout diagrams forms the nucleus of the Interlocking Table Creation Support System. However, quite a few conditions are not described in track layout diagrams, such as logic to restrict control for a given time for purposes such as taking measures against malfunction of shunt performance in track circuits. Manual creation is expected for many such conditions, but this is intensive in terms of time and labor, and can result in input errors. Accordingly, through minimal presetting work, we added a function to automatically create an interlocking table that incorporates the above-described conditions.

Further, in creating an interlocking table, various pieces of information pertaining to interlocking are needed, and data verification is also required. The RTRI therefore added a commentary display function that shows items such as commentary on individual data of the created interlocking table, and an image view function that comments on interlocking logic by animation (Fig. 1). We also simulated operation of the interlocking device from the interlocking table created, and added a function to perform display and commentary of routes, locking status and the relay status of point machines.


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