1. An energy simulator for diesel hybrid vehicles

  • RTRI developed an energy simulator for diesel hybrid vehicles which can be used to produce train performance curves and calculate energy consumption.
  • The simulator is applicable to various hybrid system configurations.

The system configuration of diesel hybrid vehicles is based on a number of assumptions, including equipment configuration, equipment specifications and operational mode. When studying/investigating system configuration, it is necessary to evaluate factors such as running time and energy consumption under various conditions, e.g., running sections, operating conditions for individual system configuration plans, etc. To aid this evaluation, RTRI developed an energy simulator for diesel hybrid vehicles that is applicable to various system configurations (Fig. 1).

The simulator draws up train performance curves using a train performance curve preparation system (Speedy) for the calculation part, and calculates fuel consumption, etc. based on the characteristics of individual pieces of equipment, such as the engine, for the vehicle model (Fig. 2). In order to avoid operational complications stemming from multifunctionality and high levels of general versatility, the simulator’s interface was enhanced and system configuration and its definition were facilitated by enabling on-screen selection. The simulator can be utilized in the development of hybrid vehicles.

  • fig 1
    Fig. 1 Overall simulator configuration
  • fig 2
    Fig. 2 Example of simulator calculation