1.Practical system for implementing Vocational Training Program for Improving Train Driver Abilities of Coping with Abnormal situations

A special program was developed to reduce human error in train driving due to stressful or psychologically difficult situations or a fall in vigilance after facing such situations through simulator experience designed to equip them with skills to be able to respond to such abnormal situations. After developing the idea for this training known as “Vocational Training Program for Improving Train Driver Abilities of Coping with Abnormal Situations”, a system was then developed to adapt it for drivers so that they could practice by themselves in order to put the program into practical use, and also for trainers so that they could direct drivers effectively (Fig.1).

The system is composed of 7 subsystems which can be easily added to the training simulator. The playback subsystem makes the program easier to use for trainers and for driver self-training by linking objective data, such as driving data, heart rate data and images together, in the form of an interface which facilitates intuitive understanding of the driver’s condition (Fig.2). Included are an error detector and a driving assessment function based on operational data, making it possible for drivers to objectively review their actions and state of mind, and thus gaining clearer understanding of their personal tendencies. Furthermore, the program was improved by making it possible to compile and add past examples of abnormal situations, thus helping achieve the purpose of the program which is to facilitate psychological experience of abnormal situations. Finally, feedback from a survey of experienced drivers who tried and tested the system validated the effectiveness of this training.