Historical Background

1986Dec.10Establishment of the RTRI authorized by the Minister of Transport.
1987Apr.1The RTRI inherited the R&D arm of Japanese National Railways upon its division and privatization.
1990Nov.15New rolling stock test plant completed.
1991Mar.31Test Plant E (human science) completed.
1992Oct.13International railway research seminar on "R&D in World Railway -Today and Tomorrow-" (later developed into WCRR).
1993Jan.31Brake Test Plant completed.
1996Jun.5Large-scale low-noise wind tunnel completed.
Jul.1Yamanashi Maglev Test Center opened.
Jul.1Railway Technology Promotion Center opened.
1997Mar.21First railway design engineer examination administered.
1999Oct.19-23World Congress on Railway Research 1999 (WCRR '99) held at the RTRI.
2003Dec.2The world speed record of 581 km/h for a manned train (MLX01) attained on the Yamanashi Maglev Test Line.
2004Nov.16Two-train crossing test at a relative speed of 1026 km/h on the Yamanashi Maglev Test Line.
2006Apr.26Running test of fuelcell railway vehicle succeeded.
2007Oct.25A battery-driven, energy-recycling light-rail vehicle opened to the Public.
2008Oct.31Large-scale vibration test machine completed.
2010Apr.1Inauguration of the Railway International Standards Center