Terms and Conditions to Use the Web Site of Railway Technical Research Institute

The Railway Technical Research Institute (RTRI) operates the web site "rtri.or.jp" (hereinafter referred to as "the site") based on the terms and conditions specified below, which users are supposed to have agreed to when they use the site.

1. Scope of the objects covered by the terms and conditions

Scope of the objects covered by the terms and conditions is as follows;
(1) All the data stored within the servers required to run the site.
(2) The contents consisting of the data specified in the item (1).

2. Modification of the site contents and the terms and conditions

RTRI may, without notice, modify the site contents and the terms and conditions to use them and discontinue the information providing service at the site or any part thereof.

3. Copyrights

RTRI holds all the copyrights for the information provided on the site. To use, reproduce, modify, upload, post, transmit, sell or publicize the information, users are required to obtain prior written approval from RTRI.

4. Links

Users can refer to the following top pages as to the link to the site:
Japanese version: http://www.rtri.or.jp/index.html
English version: http://www.rtri.or.jp/eng/index.html
Users are kindly requested not to link to other pages or directly to the contents on a page. RTRI reserves the right to refuse links from the web sites that are not appropriate for the purposes of the site.

5. Linked Sites

The contents of the third party web sites linked to or from RTRI are under the control of respective third parties. RTRI is not liable for the contents of these web sites or any damage arising from the use thereof.

6. Disclaimer

RTRI takes reasonable measures to ensure the accuracy of the information available on the site. However, RTRI is not in a position to guarantee the accuracy, integrity, utility or security of the information or whether the information serves the purpose of users. Users are required to note that RTRI is by no means responsible for damages resulting from the use of the site, or from the discontinuation or delay of the information providing service including those due to maintenance work and failure of servers, network devices and transmission lines.

RTRI reserves the right at any time to change its address including top pages without notice.

7. Applicable Law and Competent Court

The use of the site and the interpretation/application of the terms and conditions and the information provided on the site shall conform to the law of Japan unless otherwise specified. In the event of dispute on the usage of the site, the Tokyo District Court has excluding jurisdiction for the first trial.

8. Cautions

 When the information provided on the site is used, any acts that RTRI considers inappropriate shall not be allowed.
Particularly any actions that:
(1) Damage the honor or confidence of RTRI or any third person;
(2) Cause or may cause economic loss or disadvantage to RTRI or any third person;
(3) Violate or may violate the privacy of any third person;
(4) Violate or may violate the law or regulations;
(5) Compromises or may compromise public order and morals;
are strictly prohibited.