Railway Technology Promotion Center Opens, Effective July 1

The RTRI began to operate the Railway Technology Promotion Center (briefly to be called "Promotion Center"), as of July 1, 1996. The Promotion Center has been conceived to streamline the efforts to maintain, evolve, disseminate or systematize the railway technology. Advent of this center is believed to bring various businesses and technical areas allied with the railway into coperation and partnership and whereby to promote the railway technology and elevate its level. The RTRI since its establishment has been instrumental in undertaking the research and development of railway technology. We wish that the Promotion Center will be patronized by all the people who love the railway so that we may be able to offer better service to them.

Operation of the Promotion Center

The Promotion Center will be operated with support from the members of the Promotion Center (class I members: railway and tramcar companies; class II members; other companies and with part of JR contributions) as well as commercial revenues earned by the RTRI. Incidentally, we count on doing about \500 million worth of business for the year 1996.

Main items to be major line of business by the Promotion Center undertaken are as follows:
1) Drawing up of draft technical criteria for railway
2) Qualification test of design engineers for railway
3) Offering of railway technology information to the members
4) Diagnosis, advice and guidance to the members about railway technology
5) Investigation and survey on the railway technology shared by the members
6) Collection and analysis of information related to railway accidents and proposal of countermeasures based on such efforts
7) Information on International Standards related to railway technology to be offered upon request from the members

Inquires, if any, should be addressed to: the Railway Technology Promotion Center
185 2-8-38, Hikari-cho Kokubunji-shi Tokyo
Tel: NTT:0425-73-7237,7441
Fax: NTT:0425-73-7486