Magnetic properties of YBaCuO Superconductors by Micro-Hall Probe

Hiroyuki FUJIMOTO, Manager, Materials Engineering Lab., Fundamental Research Division

Magnetic properties of a melt-processed YBaCuO superconductor, 30mm~30mm~1.9mm, with a high critical current density at 77K, were studied by using a microsize Hall probe with an active area of 50mm~50mm. Two-dimensional distributions of the local magnetic induction, Bl over the sample surface were measured at 77K in perpendicular magnetic fields of up to 100 mT. External magnetic field dependence of Bl at several positions was also measured in perpendicular magnetic fields of up to 1.4 T. The magnetization process on these positions of the YBaCuO superconductor clearly indicated the behavior of the critical state and the edge effect.