An Evaluation of Current Collecting Performance by Observation with Super-anamorphic Images

Katsushi MANABE, Dr.Eng.
Manager, Current Collection Lab., Fundamental Research Div.

We have successfully developed a super-anamorphic-lens with a focal length ratio of about 80:1 that permits simultaneous televiewing of contact wire system over several spans. Pictures of contact wire vibrating under pantograph passage are recorded on a video tape and afterward processed to determine wire displacements and pantograph locations. Since wire displacements can be obtained continuously both in time and space, the inclination, curvature, vertical velocity and acceleration of wire can be calculated from the displacements. From these data, the forces acting on hangers and droppers, acting between contact wire and pantograph are estimated and the vibration of the wire can be separated into two parts according to propagating direction. The wave transmission at hangers is also determined.