1894 Visitors Come to Join "RTRI Techno Forum '97"

From September 3 to 5, "RTRI Techno Forum '97" took place at RTRI-Kunitachi on the theme "Environment vs. Innovation Into the 21st Century". This is a new event marking the memorable inauguration of the Railway Technology Promotion Center at the RTRI.
We have held annually in June a briefing session on our achievements with participation of the staffs from all the JR Companies. On the other hand we have biennially opened the door and invited anyone interested in our activities to a tour of the Kunitachi facilities with technical exhibits. It may be said that these two events have been intergrated into the RTRI Techno Forum. This year the visitors amounted to 1894, of which 520 came from JR Companies, 486 were members of Railway Technology Promotion Center, and the rest were common citizens.
In this period, research results were reported, exhibits were shown on various themes. Test facilities were opened to public view. And a debate was made on "railway and environment".

Exhibitions were made on different themes in the conference room, the test facilities buildings and at large-size testing plants. The items shown were : "Environment", 9; "Maglev", 4; "Maintenance", 20; "Safety", 9; "Efficiency and Manpower Saving" 8; "Speedup", 11; "High-tech", 6, with full-size objects, models, panels, etc, included.
Otherwise, the large-size, low-noise wind tunnel, and the products embodying the patents granted to the RTRI were demonstrated. Meanwhile, the "electronic library", "RTRI Homepage" were introduced. Separately a booth devoted to familiarization of the Raiwlay Technology Promotion Center attracted the people.

On the last day, Sept. 4, a symposium was organized to ponder on "what should be the position of the railway facing the global environmental problem as symbolized by ISO 14000."
Mr. Nitta from Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry (CRIEPI) delivered a keynote speech, followed by a hot panel discussion on "Global Environment and Energy" before an audience of about 300 concerned people.