Simulation of Wayside Time-dependent Noise Level on Shinkansen and Analysis of Noise Sources for their Contribution to the Whole Noise Level

Takeo MORIKAWA, Chief Engineer, Contact line Structure G., Power Supply Technology Development Div., Technological Development Dept.

Comparing the measured time-dependent noise level with the calculated one, power levels of noise sources on Shinkansen are established. The deduced power levels are used to analyze the contributions to entire wayside noise level. Afterward, calculated entire noise levels are divided into current collecting noise and others. The accuracy of each power level is ascertained to have good agreement between time-dependent calculated noise level and measured one obtained from array-type directive sound receiver or from non-directive one. Consequently, it is concluded that:
(1) Wayside noise levels by current collecting system on 100 or 300 series are lower than overall noise level by 7 or 3.5 dB(A) respectively.
(2) Compared with the noise level of others except for current collecting system, current collecting one is extremely low for 100 series car. On the other hand, as for 300 series car its level is almost equal, or a little lower.