The Second Train Set for the Yamanashi Test Line

General Manager, Vehicle Engineering Div.,
Maglev Systems Development Dept.

On October 26, 1997, the second train set for the Yamanashi Test Line was transported to the Yamanashi train depot separately from the vehicle manufacturing factories. These cars and bogies were designed by a project team consisting of the Railway Technical Research Institute and the Central Japan Railway Company. After checking various equipment and systems separately at Yamanashi train depot, we are planning to perform test runs.
We intend to perform the tests under the following conditions using the second train set:
(1)Mechanical vibration measurements of an SCM-resiliently-mounted bogie.
(2) High-speed passing of two trains at a relative speed of 1,000 km/h.
(3) Test runs using a 5-cars set by rearrangement of trains.
(4) Checking of centralized inductive power-collection equipment.
(5) Checking of central traffic control systems for two-train test runs.

Table 1: MLX01 general parameters
the first train setthe second train set
Maximum test speed550 km/h
WidthBody part 2,900 mm
Bogie part 3,220 mm
HeightLevitated run 3,280 mm
Wheel run 3,320 mm
Body lengthLeading car 28,000 mm
Standard intermediate car 21,600 mm
Leading car 28,000 mm
Standard intermediate car 21,600 mm
Long intermediate car 24,300 mm
Train length77.6 m101.9 m
Seating capacity
(seat arrangement)
Leading car bound for Kofu 46
Leading car bound for Tokyo 30
(2+2 reclining seats, rotatable)
Long intermediate car 70
(2+2 reclining seats, rotatable)
Standard intermediate car 62
(no seats)
Bogie typeSCM-rigidly-mounted bogieSCM-rigidly-mounted bogie and
SCM-resiliently-mounted bogie
Test equipmentSliding frictional shoe brake
Tire prerotation gear equipment
Active suspension equipment
Centralized inductive power-collection equipment
4 coils per side
Same poles on both sides (700 kA)
Brake systemRegenerative brake(primary)
Wheel disk brake, Aerodynamic brake

MLX01-3 soon after arrival at the Yamanashi train
MLX01-3 being placed next to the first train set inside
the Yamanashi train depot.