The 15th International Conference on Magnetically Levitated Systems and Linear Drives : MAGLEV'98

Toshiaki MURAI, Dr.Eng.
Chief Researcher, Maglev System Technology Lab.,
Maglev Systems Development Dept.

The 15th International Conference on Magnetically Levitated Systems and Linear Drives (MAGLEV'98) was held from April 12 to 15, 1998 at Hotel Highland Resort at the foot of Mt. FUJI in Yamanashi Prefecture.
This conference aims at presenting and further discussing various aspects of the maglev and linear drives for passenger transport and has been held in Japan, Europe and U.S.A. after the first conference at Washington in 1972. MAGLEV'98 was the third conference held in Japan following MAGLEV'85 in Tokyo and MAGLEV'89 in Yokohama. The total number of participants was 259 (92 foreigners) from 11 countries (see Table 1) and that of presented papers was 68.
The conference session started at the opening address by Dr. Fujiwara (R.T.R.I., Chairperson of MAGLEV'98 steering committee) and welcome addresses by Prof. Masada (President of I.E.E.J, Chairperson of MAGLEV'98 organized committee) and Mr. Amano (Governor of Yamanashi Prefecture) on the morning of April 13. Following the opening ceremony, overviews of maglev in each country and each system were presented in the keynote speech and plenary session. Each session was held for two days to briefly present and discuss about the following subjects on JR maglev, Transrapid, Swiss Metro, HSST, Linear Metro and other systems.
-Project report, linear motor technology, guideway, train control, vehicle & dynamics, power supply, superconducting coil, linear generator, EMS technology and social & economic matters
As an event of this conference, a press conference was held on the afternoon of April 13. Mr. Sasaki (Executive Director of R.T.R.I.), Prof. Masada, Mr. Heinisch (Director of Deutsche Bahn) and Prof. Jufer (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology) presented the history of this conference and the current status and future plan of maglev systems all over the world.
On April 15, a technical tour to Yamanashi Maglev Test Line was offered and many of the participants were greatly impressed to see the demonstration of 500 km/h running. On the following day, some participants from overseas countries participated in the optional tour to Chubu HSST Nagoya test track to ride on HSST- 100L.
The next MAGLEV conference will be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 2000.

Table 1 Participants in MAGLEV'98
Japan 167 Germany 57
Switzerland 12 U.S.A. 6
Korea 9 Italy 2
Brazil 2 U.K. 1
Canada 1 China 1
South Africa 1
Fig. 2 Press conference
Fig. 1 Welcome address by Mr. Amano (Governor of Yamanashi Prefecture)
Fig. 3 Technical tour to Yamanashi Maglev Test Line
(on the JR maglev test vehicle - MLX01)