Characteristics of LSM Drive at the Yamanashi Maglev Test Line

Shigeo KAGA
Chief Engineer, Electrical Engineering Div.,
Maglev Systems Development Dept.

Toshiaki MURAI
Researcher, Maglev Systems Technology Lab.
Maglev Systems Development Dept.

Manager, Power Supply System G.,
Power Supply Technology Development Div.,
Technological Development Dept.

Senior Engineer, Electrical Engineering Sec.,
Yamanashi Maglev Test Center,
Maglev Systems Development Dept.

Jun-ichi KITANO
Senior Engineer, Maglev Development Div.,
Central Japan Railway Company

The development of the superconducting magnetic levitation system for transport has been progressing in Japan since 1977. Now, a new test line (Yamanashi Maglev Test Line) has been completed in Yamanashi prefecture, and running tests started in April 1997.@We have succeeded in running tests of a maximum speed 550km/h. This system employs a linear synchronous motor (LSM) to drive vehicles. This paper describes the characteristics of LSM drive proved at its test line.