In Search of ARTS
- Perspective of Railway Information Systems in the Context of ITS -

Takahiko OGINO
General Manager,
Transportation Systems Development Div.,
Technological Development Dept.

  Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) is becoming more and more popular. Some of the actual de-ployment of ITS has started and received a good reputation. On the other hand, railways seem to be silent to the movement. In this article, ITS, particularly, the National ITS Architecture of the United states is introduced. The author shares the idea that ITS would be a big threat to railways. At the same time, he does not believe in the negative thought that railways should shrink its size and role. Instead, the author proposes Advanced Railway Transport Systems (ARTS), an advanced version of ITS for railway systems. We have enough technology and opportunity. The lack is to draw an attractive picture of the railways in the 21st century.