The 11th RTRI Seminar was Held in Tokyo

Senior Engineer, Dr. Eng.,
Technical Information Center, Technical Support Div., RTRI

  On October 20 1998, the 11th Railway Technical Research Institute (RTRI) seminar entitled gNew Technologies of Rolling Stockh was held at Yamaha Hall in Tokyo. The seminar introduced part of R&D activities of RTRI, which was established in 1986 as a comprehensive general research organization for railway systems in Japan. Currently, RTRI is promoting research and development on various themes, such as improving in general technologies of narrow-gauge and Shinkansen lines, safety and environment measures and development of the magnetic levitation system (MAGLEV). The seminar achieved great success and was attended by 439 participants.
  On this occasion, a special lecture on car technologies and five presentations on rolling stock were made before the audience, which completely filled the hall. These presentations focused on the control and inspection technologies in railway vehicles.
  In his opening address, Mr.Soejima, President of RTRI, emphasized that we should make efforts into the 21st century to improve reliability of railway systems, cut costs and reduce environmental loads.
  The following presentations were made after the opening address: (1) gCar technologies pointed to the 21st centuryh by Prof. Masakazu Iguchi, The Head of Japan Automobile Institute, as a special lecture on new technologies regarding the whole car life cycle, (2) gRolling stock technologies for the next generationh by Mr. Isao Okamoto, General Manager, RTRI, (3) gControl technology to improve riding comforth by Mr. Kimiaki Sasaki, Senior Engineer, RTRI, (4) gNew technologies for inverter control and electric brake systemh by Mr. Tomoki Watanabe, Chief Engineer, RTRI, (5) gNew technologies of traction motorsh by Mr. Kouichi Matsuoka, Chief Engineer, RTRI, (6) gStrength and non-destructive inspections of bogie frames and axlesh by Mr. Hiromichi Ishizuka, Chief Engineer, RTRI.

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