ISO 14001 Registration Center

Summary of the Center

  The Center was inaugurated in July 1, 1999 for the purpose of offering registration services under Environment Management System (ISO 14001/JIS Q14001).
  This Center is designed to function as a third party organization for registration as specified in the Environment Management System, and at the same time, as a base for delivering ISO/JIS-related information.

Environment Management System (EMS)

  If based upon the requirements of ISO 14001 (JIS Q14001), an applicant creates its own environment management system in house, and such system is certified competent through the review by a third party organization for registration, under ISO 14001 (JIS Q14001), the system provides the requirement such that an EMS once created should make continuous efforts to reduce environmental impact according to the environment policy, with a PDCA cycle of Plan(P), Do(D), Check(C), and Action(A).

Features of the Center

  For reviewing, the staff members of the review team need to understand the services that are rendered by the entrepreneur applying for the registration. In other words, the specialty of the review team is one of the key elements in performing its activities. The Center enjoys the supports of the Railway Technical Research Institute possessing lots of experienced experts, and is featured with;

  • being totally familiar with the operation of the railroads.
  • being able to understand the language of the railroads community.
  • being able to understand the commonsense in the railroads.
  • possessing expert staff members in traffic, transport, physical distribution and services.

    Covering of the review and registration

      The review and registration will cover the following items for the moment, and in the future, is going to extend to a wider range of fields.

  • Rubber products, plastic products
  • Wholesale, retail. Repairing of motor vehicles, two-wheel vehicles, personal articles and furniture
  • Transport, warehouse and communication
  • Other transpiration apparatus
  • Hotel and restaurant
  • Engineering, R&D

    Records of past reviews and registration

      The reviews and registration as of the end of October, 1999 are as shown below;

    Entrepreneur registeredAddressDate of registrationRegistration No.
    Shibata Industry Co., Ltd.:
    headquarters and factories
    1058 Nakano, Uozumi-cho,
    Akashi-city, Hyogo
    May 14, 1999RTRI1999E0001
    West Japan Railway Co., Ltd
    Fukuoka Branch Office Hakata
    Sogo Sharyosho
    590 Nakahara, oaza,
    Nakagawa-cho, Tsukushi-gun,
    August 31, 1999RTRI1999E0002

    For information (contents, inquiry and costs), please contact;
    Railway Technical Research Institute ISO 14001 Registration Center
        2-2-2, Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-8578, Japan
    TEL NTT 03-5334-0420
    JR 058-2276,2277
    FAX NTT 03-5334-0435
    E-mail: Kankyo@r