1,015 Visitors to RTRI Technological Forum 2001

Hisamitsu IKEUCHI
Manager, Project Promotion Div.

  The Railway Technical Research Institute (RTRI) opened a technological forum to exhibit the research results on September 6 to 7 at the Kunitachi Institute according to the following schedule, where 1,015 visitors gathered in total.

First day (Sept. 6th):
    "Exhibition of research results," "Opening of research facilities" and "Lecture"
Second day (Sept. 7th):
    "Exhibition of research results," "Opening of research facilities" and "Lecture"

1. Exhibition of research results
  The research results on the following 74 themes were exhibited on the 1st floor of the main building by using research products, models and panels.

Research fieldNumber of themes
Magnetically levitated railway system5
Rolling stock8
Structures and disaster prevention14
Electric engineering and information21
Environment and human science9
Railway technology promotion center5
ISO Registration center2

2. Opening of research facilities
  The following 11 research facilities were opened to the visitors.

Research fieldNumber of
facilities opened
Major facility
Rolling stock4Brake performance testing machine
Civil engineering3Twin-disk rolling contact testing machine
Electrical engineering4Current collection system wear testing machine

3. Lecture
  A lecture meeting was held for more than 400 attendants at the RTRI hall on the afternoon of September 6 and 7 on the following themes, where attentive discussions were held between the audience and lecturers.

Magnetically levitated railway systemTsutomu Furuki
Director, Technical Management Division,
Maglev Systems Development Department
\The IT Revolution in traffic\
Takahiko Ogino
Information International Affairs Division

4. Acknowledgements
  RTRI will continue to open technological forums in the years to come to make the research results widely known. In opening the next year forum, RTRI will esteem the opinions offered by the visitors through questionnaires or by other means.