To our beloved readers

Dear Readers,

    We are now sending you our second issue of the newly reborn QR based on our new editorial policy.

    Each issue that has been published down through the years was devoted to a specific research field, but our policy has been changed to provide an omnibus format with articles on multiple fields. Due to this change in our editorial policy, the chances of you coming across an article in QR related to your own field of expertise have improved dramatically. And in addition, for those who are contributors, there is the possibility of their articles appearing earlier in QR than originally anticipated. Therefore, this change in our editorial policy works to the advantage of both our readers and contributors and we, the members of the editorial staff, and delighted that we can now boast of our ability to make this dual advantage available to our readers and contributors.

    In this issue, for example, we are presenting a total of twelve articles, where each for articles is respectively related to vehicle construction and control, electric and signal communications, and civil engineering and rail track. In all cases, these article present the latest information related to subjects that are common to both Japanese domestic and international research studies. It is the fervent wish of all of us on the QR editorial staff that these articles will serve the needs of you, our readers.
    We look forward to serving you even better in the future.

Kenji Tomita
Member, QR Editorial Staff