13. Facility Management System Utilizing Drawing Generation and the Mobile Internet

      In recent years, railway companies have promoted the construction of facility management systems. The range of information required for maintenance management of railway facilities includes facility ledgers, various kinds of drawings, photos, manuals, and inspection data. To establish techniques for unified management of these data, the Railway Technical Research Institute (RTRI) has developed a drawing generation system using the facility description language (FDL) invented by RTRI.
      Under the conventional structure, each sector has its own independent system. In order to establish an efficient maintenance management system and enhance the usefulness of drawing generation, RTRI stroved to integrate drawing generation systems so that facility drawings extending over multiple sectors such as the track structures (rail, sleeper, and ballast), railway structures (sheeting wall, slope, and sewer drain), and trolley wires can be displayed in one screen (Fig. 1). Also, to improve operability for input of drawing generation information, data can now be registered in the ledger database by entering it directly from the PC screen.

      RTRI has also developed a mobile facility management system in which facility inspection data is entered by using the mobile Internet function of cellular phones and PDAs (personal digital assistants) (Fig. 2). This system conducts communication between the site and office via Internet web pages and has the following features:
(1)The server that manages contents such as facility ledgers and inspection items and the server that manages inspection data such as defective conditions (damage or harmful alteration) are separated.
(2)When inputting defective conditions from a cellular phone, the key selection system is adopted and character input occasion is decreased.
(3)Data entered at the site is registered in the database in real time so that the administrator can grasp the work progress while in the office.
      This system has in part been put to practical use in the railway industry. Plans are in place for the provision of an integrated facility management/maintenance inspection support system including an inspection planning function.

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