2. Method for Relieving Congestion at Stations by Providing Leading Guidance

      The Railway Technical Research Institute (RTRI) has developed a passenger flow control system to relieve congestion at stations by providing passengers with instructions and guidance in the form of real-time information on trains, platforms, and concourses.
      The system forecasts passenger flow several minutes in advance by performing a simulation based on data from sensors measuring footfall and/or from automatic ticket checking machines. The system is designed to relieve congestion and reduce embarking and alighting times using guidance provided by effective signs (Fig. 1).
      During interviews conducted in relation to these guidance displays, around 30% of passengers stated that they would respond to such information, for example choosing their position on the platform. The system can therefore be expected to provide effective congestion relief and a reduction in embarking and alighting times without changing current station facilities. It can also meet diversified requirements such as the improvement of off-peak daytime services through appropriate guidance for unfamiliar passengers.
      This study was conducted with a government subsidy from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.

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