Vehicle Technologies

RTRI performs research to enhance riding comfort, to improve high speed running performance and curve running performance and to increase safety from derailment and overturning.

Analysis, Investigation and Evaluation

    • Running Stability
    • Strength of Bogie and Wheelset
    • Carbody Sway
    • Bogie Rotation Test
    • Wheel Abrasion
    • Acceleration Performance
    • Brake Performance
    • Spring Performance
    • Internal Noise
    • Skidding Analysis
    • Current Collecting Performance
    • Consumption Energy
    • Performance of Diesel Railcars
    • Simulation of Vehicle Dynamics

Technical Guidance

    • Measurement
    • Wheel Slip Control
    • Nondestructive Testing
    • Car-Body Tilting
    • Vibration Isolation
    • Miscellaneous Test and Analysis

  • Wheelset for Wheel/Rail Contract Force Measurement

  • Stress Analysis of Wheel