Disaster Prevention Technologies

The RTRI surveys natural disasters that impact railways including slope failures caused by falling rocks and rainfall, train derailments caused by strong wind, snow damage, earthquake disasters and so on.

Analysis, Investigation and Evaluation

  • Wind

    • Assessment for Operation Control under Strong Wind

    Slopes and Rock Walls

    • Assessment for Maintenance of Slopes
    • Slope Failure and its Countermeasures
    • Rock Fall and its Countermeasures
    • Seismic Assessment of Ashlars Masonry Walls
    • Avalanche-Risk Slopes and its Countermeasures
  • Ground

    • Ground Vibration
    • Vibration Countermeasures
    • Heavy-Metal in Excavated Soil


    • Bridge Scour


    • Seepage Flow
    • Groundwater


    • Earthquake Vibration

Technical Guidance

  • Techniques for Assessment of Slope Failure
  • Techniques for Seismograph Installation
  • Techniques for Anemometer Installation
  • Miscellaneous Techniques for Disaster Prevention

  • Analysis of Strong Wind Places

  • Analysis of Hazardous Slopes