Track Technologies

The RTRI performs research on measures to improve train running safety, to carry out more efficient maintenance, to raise running speeds, and to preserve the environment, on design, improvement, and performance evaluation of track structures and track components, on methods for evaluating and maintaining track profiles by correcting the irregularities of track geometry and rail surface and rail, and on rail welding.

Analysis, Investigation and Evaluation

  • Rail Defect
  • Aging Degradation of Glued-Insulated Joint Rail
  • Deformation of Directly Fastened Track
  • Non-Destructive Test for Joint Bar
  • Rolling Stock's Impact on Slab Tracks
  • Roadbed Settlement, Caving, Mud Pumping and Deformation
  • Numerical Analysis of Vibration Isolator
  • Integrity Degree of Tracks
  • Quality Assessment of Rail Welding

Technical Guidance

  • Drawing for Design
  • Rail Welding Technique
  • Various Test and Measurement

  • Rail Fastener Quad-Axle Fatigue Test Machine

  • Fatigue Life Estimation for Rail Joints