Environmental Technologies

The RTRI performs the research on the railway environment of phenomena such as noise, micro-pressure wave radiated from a tunnel and aerodynamic drag of vehicles, which are becoming more pronounced as railway speeds increase, the research on railway safety of phenomena such as the aerodynamic characteristics of vehicles under side winds and research to estimate a biological effect of electromagnetic fields and to monitor environmental pollutants.

Analysis, Investigation and Evaluation

  • Wayside Railway Noise and Vibration
  • Ground Vibration
  • Micro-Pressure Wave and its Countermeasures
  • Thermal Environment in Underground Railway
  • Magnetic Field Environment
  • Hygienic Environment in Stations and Vehicles
  • Air Pressure Variation by Passing Trains

Technical Guidance

  • Techniques for Assessment of Railway Noise and Vibration
  • Techniques for Life-Cycle Assessment of Railway Systems
  • Techniques for Reformation of the Hygienic Environment in Railway

  • An Example of Wind Tunnel Test

  • An Example of Measurement of Temperature, Humidity and Illuminance