RTRI’s Expert Takes Office of ISO/TC269 Subcommittee Secretary

April 15, 2016 Railway Technical Research Institute

Three new subcommittees have been set up in ISO/TC269, a technical committee for railway applications for which Mr. Yuji Nishie of RTRI has served as chairperson. Japan has become the secretariat country for one of the three subcommittees and RTRI’s Mr. Kiyotaka Seki took office of secretary. In addition, RTRI takes the responsibility of a Japanese national mirror committee for all the three subcommittees.

In March this year, the following subcommittees were set up in ISO/TC269:

ISO/TC 269/SC 1  Infrastructure
ISO/TC 269/SC 2  Rolling stock
ISO/TC 269/SC 3  Operations and services

Japan has been chosen as the secretariat country for SC3 “Operations and services” and Mr. Kiyotaka Seki, Deputy Director of the Railway International Standards Center of RTRI, assumed the role of secretary.

Following the setup of the three subcommittees, RTRI applied for an approval from the Japanese Industrial Standards Committee of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry to take up the role of a Japanese national mirror committee for all of them, and was authorized on April 12, 2016.

The Railway International Standards Center of RTRI has been acting as a Japanese national mirror committee for international railway standards including the activities of ISO/TC 269. Its purposes are to ensure the safety of railway transport in Japan, to develop railway industries, and to contribute to the development of Japanese society and economy by fulfilling the responsibility to cover the entire tasks of reviewing international railway standards. Through the activities as the Japanese national mirror committee for these subcommittees, RTRI will be able to commit to the review processes at an early stage and take initiative in order to propose strengths of  the Japanese technical standards and design concepts and provide better  international standards. Fully utilizing this opportunity, RTRI will develop international standards activities more strategically.