Message from President

Railway Technical Research Institute, RTRI, fulfills its missions of providing advanced technologies to railway operators and exploring wide-ranging technical goals from long-term, basic sciences to practical, applied technologies and implements three categories of research:

  • Research and development for future railways
  • Development of practical technologies responding the needs of railway operators
  • Fundamental research to analyze a broad range of scientific phenomena common to railway operation

Being officially approved by the Japanese Minister of Transport (later renamed as Minister of Land, Transport, Infrastructure and Tourism), RTRI was established on December 10, 1986. On April 1 in the following year 1987, it took over the research function of the former Japanese National Railways and started research activities as an independent foundation.

We will continue innovative research and development from the viewpoint of railway customers in close cooperation with the national government, railway operators, manufacturers and other stakeholders, and make sure that railways will keep contributing to achieving better society, economy and people’s life.

Dr. Norimichi Kumagai