Overview of RTRI


Railway Technical Research Institute(RTRI)


2-8-38 Hikari-cho, Kokubunji-shi, Tokyo 185-8540


The Railway Technical Research Institute (RTRI) was incorporated on December 10, 1986, just before the privatization and division of Japanese National Railways (JNR) and started operation to take over the research and development activities of JNR when Japan Railway (JR) Companies were established on April 1, 1987.


  • Research and development into railway technologies and labor science
  • Investigation of railway technologies and science
  • Preparation of the drafts of railway technology standards
  • Collection and release of railway-related documents, materials and Statistics
  • Publications and lectures to raise railway technologies and science
  • Diagnosis, advice and guidance on railway technologies and science
  • Drafting of original plans and proposals for standardization with regard to international railway standards
  • Authorization of qualifications with respect to railway-related science and Technology
  • Commissioned testing and research projects in addition to the above


  • Contribution from the revenue of JR Companies
  • Subsidy from the government and contract revenue from private companies