Providing research results and expertise overseas

RTRI has state-of-the-art technologies in all aspects of train operation:

  Civil engineering
  Power supply
  Information and communications
  Human science

Using these technologies, we have provided solutions to wide-ranging issues railway operators are facing.

DISER , Damage Information System for Earthquake on Railway

For early resumption just after an earthquake
Quick estimation of ground motion and structural damage along railway line for early resumption

LABOCS, Database System for Railway Track Maintenance

Comprehensive analysis of track condition
Advanced signal processing software dedicated to track maintenance.
Widely used among railway operators and rail-related companies.

Exhibition at InnoTrans 2018 in Berlin

Free from Expert Skill of Rail Gas Pressure Welding

Deskilling of Heating Process on Rail Gas Pressure Welding
Gas-pressure-welded joints are durable, but the heating process requires specialist skills.
This device achieves deskilling of heating process.

Exhibition at IREE 2017 in Delhi