WCRR 2019 Headquarters Launched

April 01, 2018 Railway Technical Research Institute

The Railway Technical Research Institute (RTRI) will co-host, with international organizing committee members, the 12th World Congress on Railway Research (WCRR 2019) which is scheduled from October 28th to November 1st in 2019. Since last year, the preliminary office for WCRR 2019 has been working, and on April 1 this year, the WCRR 2019 Headquarters were launched at RTRI, staffed with new members. At its opening ceremony, RTRI’s President Kumagai and General Manager Uzuka who leads the Headquarters’ team made following statements.

President Kumagai’s greetings
Here the WCRR 2019 Headquarters were launched. The countdown has already started for the congress which is 18 months away. Since WCRR’99 was held in Tokyo in 1999, the role of WCRR congresses have gradually changed while Japanese railway systems and technologies have made great strides. The coming WCRR 2019 will be able to provide participants from abroad with a significant opportunity to see the Japanese railway systems and to share views and information. I hope that the team of the headquarters will think hard and create an inspiring and productive congress. The entire staff of RTRI will back up the team.

General Manager Uzuka’s statement
WCRR 2019 Headquarters made a start with seven members. Considering the advancement of Japanese railway systems into the global market, It is highly important to have an occasion where railway engineers and managers and executives of railway operators from around the world gather together. The headquarters team will dedicate efforts so that the participants will be able to have wonderful “customer experience.”
General Manager Uzuka (center left) President Kumagai (center right)
WCRR congresses have been held since 1994 and world’s railway engineers and people in railway management have participated together. WCRR has missions to promote railway technical research and development, to enhance the values and benefits of railways and to offer opportunities for international cooperation. The congresses have been organized by the WCRR Organizing Committee consisting of UIC, SNCF, DB, Trenitalia, RSSB and TTCI which lead world’s railway research.

WCRR Congresses

PlaceMain host
WCRR ’96Colorado SpringsTTCI
WCRR ‘97FlorenceTrenitalia
WCRR 2001CologneDB
WCRR 2003EdinburghRSSB
WCRR 2006MontrealTTCI
WCRR 2008SeoulKRRI
WCRR 2011LilleSNCF
WCRR 2013SidneyARA
WCRR 2016MilanTrenitalia
WCRR 2019TokyoRTRI

WCRR 2019 will be a good opportunity to showcase Japanese railway technologies in addition to provide the place for information sharing. WCRR 2019 is the second one held in Tokyo, following WCRR ’99.

With the main theme of WCRR 2019, “Railway research to enhance the customer experience,” participants from railway operators, industries and research institutes are expected to deliver presentations which contribute to improving the experience of railway customers from their own standpoints.

Call for Papers and the brochure for sponsors and exhibitors are scheduled to be released in the end of April this year. The abstracts for presentation will be called in May and we would like to ask for your participation as sponsors and exhibitors.