RTRI’s Researchers Commended for Their Contribution to Developing Industrial Standards

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October 20, 2023
Railway Technical Research Institute

Mr. Kiyotaka Seki was presented with the 2023 Award for Industrial Standardization Contributor, given by the Minister of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI). The award ceremony was held on October 17, 2023, in Tokyo.

Award for Industrial Standardization Contributor, Year 2023 by METI
This award is given to individuals and organizations that have made distinguished contributions to the development and spread of international standards and Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS). It is given by METI in order to develop human resources in the standardization field, to promote activities of industrial standardization and conformity assessment in Japan, to develop Japanese economies and industries and to improve the lives of Japanese people.

Award Winner:
Mr. Kiyotaka Seki, Senior General Director, Railway International Standards Center

Commendable achievements:
Mr. Seki made a significant contribution to the establishment of ISO/TC 269 (Railway applications)/SC 3 (Operations and services) by strongly lobbying European countries to promote international standardization in the field of operations and services in the railway sector, where Japan has an advantage. He played a major role in Japan becoming the Secretariat of the SC and leading ISO/TC 269/SC 3. He became the Committee Manager of the SC and has contributed to the management of the SC and the development of three international standards proposed by Japan. The railway technologies closely related to the operation field in Japan have been incorporated into these standards. Thanks to these international standards, international competitiveness of Japanese industry will be improved, and this will lead to greater economic benefits in Japan.

In IEC/TC 9 (Electrical equipment and systems for railways), Mr. Seki joined the Chair's Advisory Group and has greatly contributed to the management of the Committee. And as the chair of the Japanese National Standard Body of IEC/TC 9, he has managed 71 deliberations, and developed 4 international standards. He has made a significant contribution to the international standardization of electrical equipment and systems for Japanese railway technologies.

Mr. Kiyotaka Seki

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