Contract-based Activities


Core Activity of RTRI is railway related research and development. Based on its achievements, however it also accepts contract work not only from the railway industry but from many other organizations. RTRI's contract work, broadly categorized research and testing contracts, and providing products (e.g. testing equipment that we have developed through our research and development activities).

Contract-based Activities

In response to requests from our clients, we undertake various types of research and development, surveys, testing, design, system integration, engineering, consultation, technical guidance, lecturing and so on.

Wind Tunnel Technical Center

As train speeds increase, it becomes more and more important to reduce the aerodynamic drag and noise generated by high-speed trains. To address this issue, the RTRI has a large-scale low-noise wind tunnel, the largest one of its kind in the world, which claims a low-noise performance of 75dB in 300km/h operation and high wind velocity characteristics up to 400km/h.

  • Open tunnel (used mainly for aerodynamic noise tests)

  • Closed section (used mainly for aerodynamic drag tests)

  • Evaluation of aerodynamic drag on the carbody using a wind tunnel