RTRI’s New Magazine Ascent launched

December 06, 2016 Railway Technical Research Institute

On November 30, Railway Technical Research Institute (RTRI) launches the first issue of its new semiannual magazine written in English, Ascent, which introduces research and development activities of RTRI in a timely manner.

[Goal of Ascent]
In recent years, high-speed railways and urban transit systems have been playing more and more important roles in the world’s transportation scene and it is expected to be even more important to use technologies and expertise developed and accumulated by RTRI in order to further improve railways in the world. From this viewpoint, RTRI’s new magazine Ascent has been launched in order to deepen the understanding of RTRI’s activities among the world’s rail-related people of diverse fields.

[Why Ascent?]
The word “ascent” means rising or enhancement. In December 2014, RTRI publicized its “VISION: RISING” message that described its mid- and long-term goals and strategies. This vision reads “we will develop innovative technologies to enhance the rail mode so that railways can contribute to the creation of a happier society.” Since the launch of this magazine fits the policy described by this vision, the magazine title “Ascent” was chosen to express our determination to keep enhancing our R&D capabilities in order to attain our vision.

[What makes Ascent different?]
RTRI already has another English-language magazine, Quarterly Report (QR), a technical journal containing detailed research papers written by RTRI’s researchers. Meanwhile, Ascent is targeting a broader base of readers including management people at rail-related companies in the world. Therefore, its contents are easier-to-understand and more appealing to the readers who are not necessarily experts in railway technologies. Ascent is published semiannually and also available on RTRI’s website in PDF format as well as other RTRI’s publications.

Table of contents of the first issue

Pioneering Cutting-Edge Technologies for the World’s Railways
RTRI: Its Activities

Driving Railway’s Innovation

The Origin and the Evolvement of WCRR
WCRR- From Milan 2016 to Tokyo 2019
Japan and RTRI Enlivened WCRR2016

R&D of RTRI / Energy issues
Commitment to Developing Solutions to Energy Issues
Aiming at Non-Fossil-Fuel Railways: Development of Fuel Cell-Powered Trains

International Activities
Overview of RTRI’s International Activities

The first issue of Ascent