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Railway Technology Newsletter
Newsletter on the Latest Technologies Developed by RTRI
Railway Technical Research Institute
2-8-38 Hikari-cho, Kokubunji-shi
Tokyo 185-8540, JAPAN
No.54, March 11, 2016 (5.30MB)
R&D and International Activities at RTRI (701KB)Shunichi KUBO
The 15th China-Korea-Japan Railway Research Technical Meeting (1.66MB)
Workshop on Seismic Design of Embankment (1.66MB)
Meeting on Joint Research with the University of Cambridge (1.66MB)
Railway Technology Newsletter Relaunch (1.66MB)
Monitoring System by Vibration Power Generation of Steel Railway Bridges (351KB)Yoshinori YOSHIDA
Preventing Excessive Temperatures of the Overhead Contact Wire When Rapidly Recharging Battery-Powered Trains (260KB)Takamasa HAYASAKA
Development of Portable Trolley for Continuous Measurement of Rail Surface Roughness (1.00MB)Hirofumi TANAKA
Approach for Estimating the Outflow of Snowmelt Water from the Bottom of Snowpack (1.11MB)Ryota SATO
No.53, December 18, 2015 (3.40MB)
An Overview of Research and Development Activities at the Railway Technical Research Institute (611KB)Ikuo WATANABE
RTRI develops new risk evaluation system for falling rocks with laser beam and drone (988KB)
RTRI develops a Railway Earthquake Disaster Simulator (988KB)
Start of a New Joint Study by RTRI and DB Systemtechnik (988KB)
World’s Largest Superconducting Flywheel Energy Storage System (1.10MB)Tomohisa YAMASHITA
Development of Earthquake Information Distribution System (787KB)Shunroku YAMAMOTO
Reduction of Carbody Flexural Vibration of High Speed Train through High-damping Elastic Support of Under-floor Equipment (439KB)Kenichiro AIDA
Development of a Traction Circuit for a Battery-powered and AC-fed Hybrid EMU (810KB)Yoshiaki TAGUCHI
No.52, October 13, 2015 (3.74MB)
Japan’s International Standardization Efforts  (560KB)Hiroshi TANAKA
Participating in the “9th UIC World Congress on High Speed Rail” (906KB)
Superconducting Flywheel Power Storage Demonstration System (906KB)
Research Workshop on Railway Operations at RTRI (906KB)
Characteristics of Under-Floor Flow of Shinkansen Train (656KB)Makoto IWASAKI
Development of an Efficient Vehicle Structure through Optimization Methodology (928KB)Masakazu TAKAGAKI
Summertime Thermal Comfort Predictive Method for Commuter Train Coaches (440KB)Hiroharu ENDOH
Maintenance Control of Concrete Structures with Consideration of Water Migration (925KB)Hiroshi UEDA
No.51, July 10, 2015 (4.72MB)
R&D for the Future of Railways (1.23MB)Hideyuki TAKAI
President Kumagai Delivered Key-note Speech at the Stephenson Conference (1.29MB)
RTRI’s researcher wins UIC Global Research & Innovation Award (1.29MB)
The First Annual Meeting Held by RTRI’s Center for Railway Earthquake Engineering Research (1.29MB)
Understanding the Wear Mechanism of Current Collecting Materials (1.16MB)Chikara YAMASHITA
Development of the Optimal Track Maintenance Schedule Planning Model (575KB)Masashi MIWA
Rockfall Hazard Map Using Digital Elevation Model (502KB)Takuya URAKOSHI
Performance Evaluation of Communication Network for Train Control System Using Radio Communications (596KB)Hiroyuki SUGAHARA
No.50, March 24, 2015 (3.40MB)
Vision of RTRI and Implementation of Dynamic R&D  (601KB)Norimichi KUMAGAI
14th China-Korea-Japan Railway Research Technical Meeting Held in Japan  (817KB)
WCRR News: Call for Papers for WCRR 2016 in Milan and Decision to Hold WCRR 2019 in Tokyo  (817KB)
6th RTRI-SNCF Railway Collaborative Research Seminar Held in Paris  (817KB)
Improvement of Seismic Parameters Estimation and Noise Discrimination for Earthquake Early Warning  (547KB)Naoyasu IWATA
Multimodal Vibration Control against Flexural Vibrations of Railway Vehicle Carbodies Using Active Mass Dampers  (984KB)Yuki AKIYAMA
Wheel Slide Protection Method by Effective Use of Adhesion Force  (531KB)Shinichi NAKAZAWA
Modeling of Opening at Side Walls of Cut-and-cover Tunnels  (605KB)Takashi USHIDA
No.49, December 19, 2014 (2.81MB)
Technical Support Extended to Local Railways (512KB)Akira YONEZAWA
Technical Meeting of Joint Research with SNCF (581KB)
RTRI Stand at InnoTrans 2014 (581KB)
WCRR 2016 in Milan (581KB)
3D-DEM Simulation of Ballasted Layer Deformation (2.21MB)Akiko KONO
Development of Improved Method for Predicting Noise along High-speed Railways (520KB)Yukie OGATA
Evaluating the Health Effects of Magnetic Fields (535KB)Sachiko YOSHIE
Development of kW-class Magnetic Heat Pump Aimed at Application to Rolling Stock Air-Conditioning System (511KB)Yoshiki MIYAZAKI
No.48, August 29, 2014 (3.59MB)
Preface (426KB)Masaru TATEYAMA
Center for Railway Earthquake Engineering Research Opens (1.03MB)
Customers Square Opens (1.03MB)
Visit of a Group Headed by the Councilor for Science and Technology from the Embassy of France (1.03MB)
Estimation of Lateral Resistance of Ballasted Track during Seismicity (1.05MB)Takahisa NAKAMURA
Climatic Conditions Causing Snow Accretion on Shinkansen Bogies (487KB)Yasushi KAMATA
Enhancing the Function of the Train Operation Forecast Simulation System (584KB)Yoko TAKEUCHI
Application of X-ray Fourier Analysis to Rolling Contact Fatigue Layer of Rail (608KB)Motohide MATSUI
No.47, June 30, 2014 (1.80MB)
Open Innovation and International Cooperation (231KB) Ryuji TSUCHIYA
Visit to RTRI by High Officials of India's Ministry of Railways (179KB)  
Wheel and Rail Damage Workshop (179KB)  
Lecture by a Tunnel Expert from Swiss Federal Railways (179KB)  
Fatigue strength improvement by modifying the geometry of press fitted part of railway axle (612KB) Masataka YAMAMOTO
Development of a Composition Brake Shoe for Reducing Damage to the Wheel Tread (337KB) Shin-ichi SAGA
Evaluation of Tsunami Wave Forces on Railway Bridges (370KB) Ken WATANABE
Corrosion Prevention of Galvanized Steel (387KB) Tadanori USUKI
No.46, March 28, 2014 (2.18MB)
Research and Development for the Future of Railways (191KB) Kimitoshi ASHIYA
Renewal of RTRI's Supercomputer (414KB)  
A Taiwan Rail Technology Seminar Held at RTRI (414KB)  
The 1st Workshop of Ballasted Track Maintenance between Japan and United Kingdom (414KB)  
Designing Railway Noise Barriers to Account for Resonance due to Train Draft Pressure (392KB) Munemasa TOKUNAGA
High-precision Prediction of Tunnel Micro-pressure Wave Based on Theoretical Analysis (229KB) Tokuzo MIYACHI
A Reflecting Back Support System for Train Driver Training (445KB) Hiroharu ENDOH
A Preliminary Study of Magnetic Fields on Railway Vehicles (420KB) Yoshihito KATO
No.45, December 25, 2013 (2.16MB)
Foreword (234KB) Fuminao OKUMURA
The 10th WCRR 2013 Held in Sydney (396KB)  
Japan to Cooperate on Sweden's Plans for High Speed Rail (396KB)  
Improving Reliability of Thermite Head Repair Welding (407KB) Hajime ITO
A Risk-Based Technique to Support Decision-Making on Falling Stone Preventive Measures (331KB) Osamu NUNOKAWA
Estimation of the Probability of Lightning Hazard on Railway Signalling Systems by Observing Induced Overvoltage (429KB) Hideki ARAI
Friction Stir Welding Technology to Apply Flame-resisting Magnesium Alloy to High-Speed Rolling Stock (446KB) Hisashi MORI
No.44, September 27, 2013 (1.97MB)
Why Not Share the Outcomes of R&D Activities across the World for the Safety of Railways? (337KB) Norimichi KUMAGAI
Appointment of New Board of Directors (348KB)  
A Research Director Awarded a Decoration by Japanese Government (348KB)  
Development of "Micro-ribbed Wheel Tread Profile" to Reduce the Lateral Force in Curves (363KB) Daisuke YAMAMOTO
Development of High-Efficiency Induction Motors for EMUs (427KB) Minoru KONDO
Development of Integrated Bridge with Geosynthetic-Reinforced Soils (659KB) Masayuki KODA
A Guideline for the Installation of Contact Wires for High-Speed Train Operation (321KB) Mizuki TSUNEMOTO
No.43, June 28, 2013 (2.61MB)
Preface (217KB) Koichi GOTO
Prize Winning - UIC Innovation and Research Awards (504KB)  
Visit to RTRI by the Rt Hon Simon Burns MP, Minister of State for Transport (504KB)  
Effect of Surface Condition and Lubrication on Flange Climbing of Turned Wheels (398KB) Hisayo DOI
Development of a Pneumatic Floating Brake Caliper for High-Speed Rolling Stock (564KB) Yasushi KARINO
A Technique to Analyze Passenger Flow at Transport Disturbance Using Accumulated Passenger Data (475KB) Taketoshi KUNIMATSU
A Three-Dimensional Dynamic Simulator for the Pantograph-Catenary System (595KB) Mitsuru IKEDA
No.42, March 27, 2013 (2.61MB)
ISO Institutes New Technical Committee
ISO/TC 269 Railway Applications
What Can We Do to Develop Railway Technologies in Asia?
- Railway Technical Discussion at RTRI on October 25, 2012
Hiroyuki Sakai
Development of a Fault Point Locator for the Freight Train Command Line (602KB) Michihiro YAMASHITA
Development of a Switch Rail with Improved Wear Resistance (556KB) Yuya OIKAWA
A Technique to Detect Overheated Switchboards with a Gas Density Detector (567KB) Masataka AKAGI
Measurement of Wheel Flange/Rail Gauge Corner Contact Conditions (513KB) Shinya FUKAGAI
No.41, December 27, 2012 (3.15MB)
Recent Research and Development by RTRI (294KB) Atsushi ICHIKAWA
RTRI Stand at InnoTrans2012 (631KB) Chikara HIRAI
SNCF-RTRI Collaborative Research Seminar 2012 (631KB) Kazuki NAKAMURA
Development of Automatic Irregularity-Correcting Sleepers (1010KB) Katsumi MURAMOTO
A New Vertical Vibration Control System - Development and Commercialization - (729KB) Yoshiki SUGAHARA
Reduction of Car Body Elastic Vibration Using High-Damping Elastic Supports for Under-Floor Equipment (316KB) Takahiro TOMIOKA
Detection of Pantograph Failures Using Sensors Fixed to the Catenary System (267KB) Tatsuya KOYAMA
No.40, September 20, 2012 (2.28MB)
Viewpoints on the New Railway Age
- Promotion of Basic Research -
Hisashi TARUMI
High-Speed Rail Development for the Next Generation
UIC Highspeed 2012 held in Philadelphia, USA in July 2012
Hiroyuki SAKAI
Diagnostic Technology to Improve the Upkeep and Maintenance of Railway Tunnels (432KB) Kiwamu TSUNO
Development of a System to Support Energy Saving Train Operation (408KB) Kazumasa KUMAZAWA
Evaluating Train Rescheduling Methods to Reflect Passenger Dissatisfaction (399KB) Kana YAMAUCHI
Factors that Influence the Adhesion Coefficient between Wheel and Rail (515KB) Hua CHEN
No.39, July 6, 2012 (3.56MB)
RTRI Celebrates the 25th Anniversary of its Foundation (636KB) Hideyuki TAKAI
A Commemorative Symposium
The 25th Anniversary of the Foundation of RTRI
Preparing to Meet the Challenges of the Next 25 Years
Development of a New Railway Simulator (746KB) Hiroaki ISHIDA
Development of an Earthquake Disaster Simulator for Railways (794KB) Yoshitaka MURONO
A Study on Intelligent Trains to Improve Safety and Reliability of Operation (747KB) Kiyotaka SEKI
A Technology to Restore Deteriorated Steel Bridges
-Development of Bridges Integrated with Nail-Reinforced Soils-
Masayuki KODA
No.38, March 21, 2012 (1.91MB)
Research and Development for Sustainable Evolution of Railways (592KB) Norimichi KUMAGAI
Activities of the Railway International Standards Center (330KB) Hiroshi TANAKA
A Tilt Control System Focused on Preventing Motion Sickness (470KB) Akihito KAZATO
A Simplified Method to Calculate the Energy Consumed by Rolling Stock (380KB) Minoru KONDO
Listening Difficulty Tests on Broadcast Announcements for Passengers at Stations (420KB) Yasuhiko IZUMI
Development of Surge Detection Type Fault Locating System for AC Feeding Circuits (438KB) Hiroaki MORIMOTO
No.37, December 22, 2011 (3.11MB)
RTRI's Promotion of Research and Development in Recent Years (515KB) Ikuo WATANABE
The 11th China-Korea-Japan Railway Research Technical Meeting (912KB) Kazuhide YASHIRO
A Method to Measure the Contact Force of Pantographs through Image Processing (668KB) Tatsuya KOYAMA
Wind Tunnel Test on Windbreak Fence Installed on Railway Lines (610KB) Katsuji TANEMOTO
A Ride Comfort Evaluation Method to Reflect the Effect of High-Frequency Vibration (677KB) Chizuru NAKAGAWA
A Study of Non-Contact Power Supply Systems (804KB) Takayuki KASHIWAGI
No.36, September 21, 2011 (2.96MB)
RTRI's International Activities (490KB) Masao UCHIDA
WCRR 2011: World Congress on Railway Research 2011 Successfully Completed (857KB) Koichi GOTO
Measurement of Velocity and Pressure Fluctuations around High-speed Trains Running in Tunnel (662KB) Yutaka SAKUMA
Development of a Mobile Broadband Telecommunications System for Railways Using Laser Technology (662KB) Shingo NAKAGAWA
Prediction of Contact Wire Wear on High-speed Railways (792KB) Takayuki USUDA
Influential Factors on Adhesion between Wheel and Rail under Wet Conditions (792KB) Hua CHEN
Indoor Air Quality at Stations: Development of a Methodology for Quantifying Railway Customers' Perception of Odor at Stations (591KB) Tamami KAWASAKI
Improving the Running Safety of Railway Vehicles against an Earthquake (591KB) Kohei IIDA
Practical Use of the Earthquake Early Warning (EEW) System for the Shinkansen (644KB) Shinji SATO
Identification of Thermal Cracking Criteria on Wheel Treads for Optimized Brake System Design (644KB) Kazuyuki HANDA
No.35, June 20, 2011 (2.21MB)
“Incredible” and “Inevitable” Events (378KB) Mitsutoshi INAMI
Great East Japan Earthquake Disaster (271KB) Koichi GOTO
Development of the Prestressed Ballast Track (634KB) Katsumi MURAMOTO
Evaluation of the Stability of Rocks on Slopes in Consideration of Weathering (583KB) Tomokazu ISHIHARA
Development of a Low-Frequency Track Circuit with Improved Noise-Resistant Features (241KB) Mitsuyoshi FUKUDA
Development of a Train Operation/Passenger Behaviour Simulation System (468KB) Taketoshi KUNIMATSU
No.34, March 23, 2011 (3.16MB)
Preface (449KB) Toshiyuki AOKI
IWRN10 (The 10th International Workshop on Railway Noise) (663KB) Tatsuo MAEDA
Co-operative Study with RSSB (449KB) Koichi GOTO
Activities of RTRI at UIC HIGHSPEED 2010 (479KB) Koichi GOTO
A Noise Reduction System Using Piezoelectric Materials (337KB) Katsuya YAMAMOTO
Development of a Train Simulator for Diesel-hybrid Railway Vehicles (362KB) Hideo NAKAMURA
Determining Priorities for Seismic Countermeasures on the Basis of Costs and Benefi ts (341KB) Kimitoshi SAKAI
Simple Catenary Equipment Offering High Speed Operation and Maintainability (211KB) Satoshi HARADA
No.33, December 24, 2010 (2.15MB)
Preface (345KB) Hiroshi TANAKA
10th China-Japan-Korea Railway Research Technical Meeting (512KB) Manabu IKEDA
Development of a Workload Evaluation Scale for Drivers (189KB) Mitsugu SAWA
Development of a Small-Scale Superconducting Magnet Using YBCO High-Temperature Superconducting Wire (311KB) Masafumi OGATA
Research on the Prediction and Evaluation Method of Rolling Noise (383KB) Toshiki KITAGAWA
Mass Production of Low-Cost LREBa2Cu3Oy Bulk Superconductors for Railway Systems Using a Novel Seed in the Batch Process (575KB) Miryala MURALIDHAR
No.32, September 22, 2010 (2MB)
Preface (490KB) Koichi GOTO
Reviewing RESEARCH 2005 (302KB) Kiyotaka SEKI
Improvement of the Interference Performance of Low-frequency Track Circuits by Simple Code Transmission (395KB) Natsuki TERADA
A Study on the Practical Application of High Capacity Laser Communication Technology to Railways (710KB) Shingo NAKAGAWA
Research Regarding New Environmental Load-Reducing Concrete Using Coal Ash by Employing Geopolymer Method (612KB) Motoki UEHARA
Development of a Silent Steel Railway Bridge (575KB) Tsutomu WATANABE
No.31, June 22, 2010 (1.3MB)
In Pursuit of Future Railway Technologies (143KB) Hideo KIYA
RTRI’s New Master Plan (RESEARCH 2010) (825KB) Naoto FUKUMURA
Establishment of the Railway International Standards Center (155KB) Hiroshi TANAKA
4th Phase Final Seminar of the SNCF-RTRI Collaborative Research Programme (283KB) Masamichi SOGABE
10th International Workshop on Railway Noise (IWRN10) (283KB) Hisashi TANAKA
Approach to the Geological Survey of Sandy Ground in Consideration of the Stratigraphic Classification (180KB) Takeshi KAWAGOE
Improving the Reliability of Aluminothermic Welding (212KB) Yoshihiro TERASHITA
No.30, March 12, 2010 (977KB)
The Information Infrastructure in RTRI (207KB) Mikio TANAKA
Report of the China-Korea-Japan Railway Research Technical Meeting (201KB) Manabu IKEDA
A Model of Two Types of Leveling Valve (103KB) Kazuyuki SHIMOZAWA
The Restraint Effect of a Scoring Phenomenon in an Abrasive Block Used for Cleaning Wheel Treads Using Changed Control Techniques (254KB) Shin-ichi SAGA
A Non-Destructive Inspection Method for Concrete Elements in Tunnel Linings Using Remote Laser Sensing (318KB) Masahiro SHINODA
Mitigating the Low Frequency Magnetic Field Generated by Substations on Electric Railways (245KB) Gaku MORITA
No.29, December 18, 2009 (748KB)
Keywords are “Safety” and “Ecology” (96KB) Hideyuki TAKAI
New Supercomputer System of the Railway Technical Research Institute (121KB) Akihiko MATSUOKA
Improvement of Pantograph Performance by Use of a Variable Stiffness Spring (160KB) Yoshitaka YAMASHITA
Evaluating the Emission of “Musty” Smells (130KB) Tamami KAWASAKI
An Accident Round-table Discussion (ARD) Method Designed to Increase Safety Awareness (121KB) Masayoshi SHIGEMORI
Development of an Eddy Current Rail Brake Derived from Linear Motor Technology (194KB) Yasuaki SAKAMOTO
No.28, September 18, 2009 (1.29MB)
Support for the Safety of Train Operation (100KB) Atsushi KAWAI
A Life-Size Station Building Model (109KB) Yasuhiko IZUMI
Development of Quakeproof Reinforcement Methods for Masonry Walls (566KB) Naoyuki OTA
Mechanical Performance Analysis of a Switch-and-Lock System for Shinkansen (178KB) Shunsuke SHIOMI
An Algorithm for Rescheduling Freight Train Locomotives and Drivers (274KB) Keisuke SATO
Extension of Grease Service Life for Induction Traction Motors for Railways (167KB) Sumiko HIBINO
No.27, June 23, 2009 (845KB)
President's Inaugural Address (98KB) Hisashi TARUMI
Development of a Large Two-Dimensional Shaking Test Facility to Determine How Railway Equipments and Structures are Damaged or Destroyed during an Earthquake (147KB) Masayuki KODA
The 10th International Workshop on Railway Noise (144KB) Tatsuo MAEDA
The 8th China-Korea-Japan Railway Research Technical Meeting (144KB) Hisashi TANAKA
Structural Improvement of Existing Steel Bridges by Combining the Steel Girders with Concrete Decks (231KB) Masamichi SAITO
Development of a Contact-Loss Measuring System Using Ultraviolet Ray Detection (113KB) Takamasa HAYASAKA
A Method of Managing Wheel Loads and Lateral Forces Using Axle-Box Acceleration (193KB) Hirofumi TANAKA
No.26, March 16, 2009 (848KB)
Commercialising the Results of Research (93KB) Shinji KONISHI
Collaboration with the Rail Safety and Standards Board in the U.K. (661KB) Ryo SAWADA
Predicting Landslides a Few Months in Advance of Their Occurrence by Observing the Chemical Composition of Groundwater (105KB) Hiroyuki SAKAI
Improvement for Provision of Information upon Suspended Train Services (107KB) Kana YAMAUCHI
Development of a Cooling System for High-Temperature Superconducting Traction Transformer for Railway Rolling Stocks (109KB) Kazuya IKEDA
An Ultrasonic Flaw Detector for Hollow Axles of Narrow-Gauge Railway Cars (367KB) Kazunari MAKINO
No.25, December 22, 2008 (908KB)
The Progress of the RTRI's Five-Year Master Plan (98KB) Yuji NISHIE
UIC Panel of Structural Experts Meeting and Exchange Seminar in Japan (186KB) Nobuyuki MATSUMOTO
A Study of Evaluation Methods for Railway Signalling Systems from the Viewpoint of Availability (240KB) Koji IWATA
A Method for Failure Detection Based on Monitoring Data from Existing Facilities (108KB) Naoya OZAKI
Long-Term Field Durability Testing and Practical Application of Shelling Damage-Resistant Bainite Rail (133KB) Yukio SATOH
Measurement and Discrete Three-Dimensional Modeling Techniques of Dynamic Behavior of Ballasted Track (231KB) Akira AIKAWA
No.24, September 19, 2008 (1.48MB)
Research and Development for the Safety of Railways against Natural Disasters (95KB) Atsushi ICHIKAWA
Technical Discussion of LRT without Contact Wires
Toshihiro HAMAMOTO
Development of a Damage Detection System for Structural Members in the Ground (256KB) Hirokazu OHMURA
Preventing Fatigue Breakage of Contact Wires (194KB) Atsushi SUGAHARA
Research to Evaluate the Remaining Service Life of Aged Rails (243KB) Hiroo KATAOKA
Train Operation Control Indices for Use during Earthquakes in Japan (679KB) Masahiro KORENAGA
No.22-23, July 17, 2008(2.29MB)
The Need for Balance and Co-operation in Railway Technologies (103KB) Nobuyuki MATSUMOTO
Development of Contact-Wire/Battery Hybrid LRV
Masamichi OGASA
Human Factor Analysis Method for Improving Safety Management (98KB) Yumeko MIYACHI
Evaluation of Compression Behavior of the End-Structure of Intermediate Car (203KB) Tomohiro OKINO
A Properties Measuring System for HTS Wires (137KB) Masafumi OGATA
A Report on WCRR 2008 (87KB) Tetsuo UZUKA
Damage Evaluation of Railway Structures Based on Train-Induced Secondary AE Parameters (731KB) Xiu LUO
Development of an Assisted Steering Bogie System for Reducing Lateral Forces Exerted on the Track (731KB) Shogo KAMOSHITA
Experimental Reproduction of Wheel Thermal Cracks (184KB) Kazuyuki HANDA
Study of Under-Floor Air Flow to Reduce the Phenomenon of Flying Ballast (184KB) Atsushi IDO
Vibration Reduction Methods for Superconducting Maglev Vehicles (393KB) Erimitsu SUZUKI
Effects of Current Collection Noise and Lineside Obstructions on GPS Signal Reception (393KB) Haruo YAMAMOTO
A Method to Measure the Pantograph Contact Force on the Overhead Catenary System (157KB) Takayuki USUDA
Development of Friction Moderating System to Improve Wheel/Rail Interface in Sharp Curves (157KB) Shinya FUKAGAI
No.21, March 21, 2008(1.47MB)
Japanese Railways and Globalization (591KB) Norio FUKUSHIRO
A Report on International Standards Meetings Recently Held in Japan
-JISC-CENELEC Information Exchange Meeting and LIM Kyoto Meeting-
Hiroyuki NOZAWA
Development of High-Temperature Superconductor Magnets Capable of Generating a High Magnetic Field (589KB) Masaru TOMITA
U-Doppler, a Non-contact Vibration Measuring System for Diagnosis of Railway Structures (915KB) Fumiaki UEHAN
Development of a Method to Predict Passenger Numbers upon Resumption of Train Service (571KB) Masai MUTO
Computational Simulation Method of Evaluating Aerodynamic Sound Sources (966KB) Takehisa TAKAISHI
No.20, December 26, 2007(2.49MB)
Brightening the Future of Railways Using New Technologies (601KB) Eisuke MASADA
Publishing English Digests of Design and Maintenance Standards for Railway Structures and Commentaries (939KB) Kenichi KOJIMA
New-Type Transformer for AC Feeding Systems (973KB) Hiroaki MORIMOTO
New Railway Roadbed Design (683KB) Yoshitsugu MOMOYA
Development of a Method of Pinpointing Trackside Spots That Are Subject to Strong Winds (760KB) Takaaki FUKUHARA
Estimation of Occurrence Probability of Lightning Overvoltages on Wayside Signalling Equipment (587KB) Hideki ARAI
No.19, September 30, 2007 (2.29MB)
Developing New Technologies for Solving Various Railway Issues (197KB) Norimichi KUMAGAI
Development of a Testing Machine with a Large Tunnel Lining Model (532MB) Noriyuki OKANO
Development of Superconducting Magnetic Bearings (311KB) Hiroshi SEINO
Reduction of Carbody Vertical Bending Vibration by Controlling the Primary Suspension Damping Force (388KB) Yoshiki SUGAHARA
Running Test of Experimental Fuel Cell-Driven Car (404KB) Takamitsu YAMAMOTO
Development of Sheet-Pile Foundation Combining Footing with Sheet-Piles (651KB) Hidetoshi NISHIOKA
No.18, June 29, 2007 (3.1MB)
International Activities of the Railway Technical Research Institute (615KB) Masao UCHIDA
RTRI-SNCF Railway Research Seminar and Franco-Japan Railway Technology Symposium (1.32MB)
Friction Moderating System To Reduce Wheel/rail Interface Problems at Sharp Curves (812KB) Takumi BAN
Mechanisms Causing the Deterioration of Concrete Tunnel Lining (887KB) Hiroshi UEDA
A Method To Assess the Safety of Complex Electromagnetic Fields (754KB) Masateru IKEHATA
Behavior Analysis of Seated Passengers at a Train Collision (719KB) Koji OMINO
No.17, March 30, 2007 (3.9MB)
Railway Technology Information and the Internet (713KB) Nobuyuki KOKUBUN
Newly Published Dictionary of Railway Technology Terms (Second Edition) and List of Railway Term Equivalents in Other Languages (1.41MB) Shigeru ONODA
Advances in Gas Pressure Welding Technology for Rails (1.11MB) Ryuichi YAMAMOTO
Evaluation of the Structural Soundness of Bridge Pier Foundations Under Flood Conditions (931KB) Masahiko SAMIZO
Tunnel Scanning System Using Image Processing to Detect Lining Deformations (1.13MB) Masato UKAI
Detour Guidance System for Passengers During a Disruption in Train Operations (700KB) Ryuji TSUCHIYA
No.16, January 20, 2007 (4.05MB)
Railway Technical Research Institute Celebrates 20th Anniversary (567KB) Katsuji AKITA
Railway Technical Research Institute: The Past Twenty Years, and the Future (1.13MB)
Easy-to-use Ride Comfort Measuring Device (1.14MB) Akihiro HAGA
Development of a Totally Enclosed Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (678KB) Minoru KONDO
Polymer Wall to Protect Underground Structures from Earthquakes: Development and Installation (801KB) Yoshitaka MURONO
Extension of Grease Service Life for Induction Traction Motors for Railways (696KB) Sumiko HIBINO
No.15, October 31, 2006 (5.48MB)
Foreword (606KB) Kazuhiko TEZUKA
RTRI Research and Development Projects Promoting Advances in Rail Transport (834KB) Fuminao OKUMURA
A Study of the Dynamic Behavior of Railway Vehicles During Seismic Activity (967KB) Takefumi MIYAMOTO
Observation, Experimentation and Analysis of Pressure Waves Generated When a Train Passes a Nearby Structure (1,406KB) Hajime TAKAMI
A New Method to Evaluate Ride Comfort Under Braking Conditions (889KB) Koji OMINO
Ground Coil Electromagnetic Vibration Tests Using the Magnetic Field of a Superconducting Magnet (808KB) Minoru TANAKA
No.14, August 10, 2006 (1.91MB)
Foreword (681KB) Osamu MURATA
A Sample of Products Developed by Railway Technical Research Institute (1.03MB) Toshihiro HAMAMOTO
A New Algorithm for Train Rescheduling Using Rescheduling Patterns (774KB) Chikara HIRAI
Evaluation of Train Rescheduling Alternatives Using Station Service Indices (561KB) Taketoshi KUNIMATSU
Development of a New Pantograph Contact Strip for Ultrahigh-Speed Operations (763KB) Hiroshi TSUCHIYA
Axle-Box Rotary Shaft Lip Seal for High-Speed Shinkansen Cars (639KB) Kazuo NAKAMURA
No.13, July 31, 2006 (1.19MB)
Foreword (679KB) Hiroshi TANAKA
A Report on WCRR 2006 (709KB) Hisashi TANAKA
Development of WSP System for Freight Trains—Best Paper Award in Rolling Stock Sessions, WCRR 2006 (665KB) Kiyoshi KAWAGUCHI
A Feasibility Design and its Evaluation of Fuel Cell Powered Train (665KB) Takemasa FURUYA
Japanese Twenty Five Years Experiences and Standardization of Synthetic Sleeper (657KB) Hideyuki TAKAI
Robustness Indices Based on Passengers' Utilities (657KB) Yoko TAKEUCHI
No.12, March 20, 2006 (1.68MB)
Two Problems Heading Our Way in 2007 (620KB) Kenji SHIRATORI
New Supercomputer Now in Operation at Railway Technical Research Institute (895KB) Toshio HIROTA
WCRR 2006 Coming Soon to Montréal, Canada (895KB) Hisashi TANAKA
Evaluating How an Increase in Train Speed Will Affect Ground Vibrations (601KB) Hidefumi YOKOYAMA
A New System to Validate Algorithms for Early Earthquake Detection (602KB) Shinji SATO
A New System for Detecting Obstacles in Front of a Train (802KB) Masato UKAI
Development of a Highly Sensitive 3-Axis Optical Electric Field Sensor for EMC Measurements in Railway Vehicles (688KB) Kunihiro KAWASAKI
No.11, January 1, 2006 (1.42MB)
Foreword(605KB) Masao UCHIDA
Promoting the International Standardization Activities of Railway Technology(765KB) Shigeto HIRAGURI
Verification of Regenerating and Absorbing Functions for a Ground-based Electrical Power Storage System (591KB) Shinichi HASE
Real-Time Processing of Pantograph Contact Force Algorithm(637KB) Takahiro FUKUTANI
Shunichi KUSUMI
Use of Continuous Welded Rail (CWR) Track with Turnouts(723KB) Hideaki YANAGAWA
Evaluating Track Geometry Using a Train Vertical Motion Prediction Model(629KB) Atsushi FURUKAWA
No.10, October 1, 2005 (1.52MB)
Improving the Safety and Environmental Compatibility for Sustainable Railways(614KB) Norimichi KUMAGAI
Fifth China-Korea-Japan Railway Research Technical Meeting
June 21st-23rd, 2005, Tokyo, Japan
Sachiko YOSHIE
Detection of Concrete Exfoliation by Active Infrared Thermography(784KB) Hisashi TANAKA
Development of Concrete Diagnostic System Employing Infrared Camera and CCD Camera(739KB) Hiroshi HAYA
Tunnel Soundness Diagnostic System(631KB) Kiwamu TSUNO
Fire Resistance Design Method for Structure Built above Railway Track(640KB) Yasushi TAKEI
No.9, August 1, 2005 (1.18MB)
Foreword (600KB) Katsuji AKITA
Reorganization to Respond to the New Master Plan (559KB) Hideo KIYA
A New Train Position Detection System Using GPS (602KB) Yasutaka MAKI
Investigation into Suppressing the Bending Vibration of Railway Vehicle Carbody with Piezoelectric Elements (632KB) Tadao TAKIGAMI
Development of Low Cost Long Life Antilock Brake System for Freight Trains (616KB) Kiyoshi KAWAGUCHI
Development of a New Superconducting Main Transformer for Trains (721KB) Hiroshi HATA
No.8, March 1, 2005 (1.69MB)
Foreword (632KB) Mitsutoshi INAMI
Outline of the New Master Plan (RESEARCH 2005) (603KB) Kiyomitsu MURATA
Development of Magnetic Rubber Damper with a Constraining Layer (MRDC) (681KB) Masanori HANSAKA
Adhesive Waterproof Sheeting for Preventing Water Leakage into Underground Structures (682KB) Naoyuki YAGUCHI
A Study of Method for Assessing The Overall Environmental Impact of Railways (624KB) Naoki AIHARA
Manufacturing and Applications of High Temperature Superconducting Bulk (1.55MB) Hiroyuki FUJIMOTO
No.7, January 1, 2005 (781KB)
Foreword (115KB) Katsuyoshi UEYAMA
RTRI's Large-Scale, Low-Noise Wind Tunnel (231KB) Takeshi SUEKI
Our Manned Maglev System Attains Maximum Speed Record of 581 km/h (132KB) Takashi MIZUTANI
Super High-Speed Model Launching Test Apparatus (229KB) Masao URABE
Installation of Tactile Ground Surface Indicators for Blind Persons on Railway Platforms (104KB) Naoki MIZUKAMI
RTRI Method of Accident Analysis (88.1KB) Masayoshi
No.6, September 1, 2004 (804KB)
Foreword (129KB) Isao OKAMOTO
Wear Tester for Current Collecting Materials for High Speed Railway (158KB) Shunichi KUBO
Ladder Track Structure and Performance (280KB) Kiyoshi ASANUMA
Optimum Cross Sleeper Length and Ballast Tamping Area for Narrow Gauge Tracks (173KB) Akira NAMURA
Detecting High Resistance Grounding Faults in DC Electric Railways Using High Frequency Current Injection (104KB) Akinobu OKUI
A Measure to Reduce Contact Wire Wear in Shinkansen Overlap Sections (148KB) Masatoshi SHIMIZU
No.5, March 1, 2004 (1,272KB)
Foreword (311KB) Koichi GOTO
Visit Us through Rail. Tech. Avalanche (436KB) Hiroyuki SAKAI
Evaluation of Tunnel Face Stability by the Rigid Plasticity Finite Element Method (379KB) Shinji KONISHI
Development of Earthquake Resistant Bridge Abutment (Reinforced with Cement-Mixed Earth) (304KB) Masaru TATEYAMA
COMBAT-A New Block System Using Microwave Balises for Train Detection (252KB) Noriyuki NISHIBORI
Obstacle Detection System with Stereo Cameras for Level Crossings (429KB) Masaru OTA
No.4, September 1, 2003 (773KB)
Get the Latest Information on Railway Technologies Developed by Us without a Brake through "Railway Technology Avalanche" Editor
Pay Attention to the Papers from RTRI at WCRR2003! (300KB) Katsumi MURAMOTO
Development of Gauge-Changeable EMUs (488KB) Makoto ISHIGE
No.3, August 1, 2003 (3.24MB)
The Editor Needs a Small Favor from You! Could You Please Advise Him on Whom "Railway Technology Avalanche" Be Sent to Editor
Foreword (627KB) Hiroki NAGASAWA
Visit Us through Rail. Tech. Avalanche (607KB) Hiroyuki SAKAI
CyberRail, Concept and Future (893KB) Takahiko OGINO
Development of Algorithm to Calculate Energy Saving Train Performance Curve (578KB) Norio TOMII
A Technique to Analyze and Predict the Shinkansen Noise Sources with Measurements (1.06MB) Yasuo ZENDA
Analysis of Aerodynamic Noise Source Distribution by Wind Tunnel Tests (631KB) Kiyoshi NAGAKURA
No.2, June 1, 2003 (11.2MB)
So as to Correctly Receive the Following Issues of "Railway Technology Avalanche"... Editor
Foreword(1.42MB) Hiroshi TANAKA
Visit Us through Rail. Tech. Avalanche (1.71MB) Hiroyuki SAKAI
Adhesion-Increasing-Agent Jetting System "Cerajet" (2.97MB) Kaoru ONO
Diagnosis and Repair of Concrete Reinforcing Bar (1.99MB) Takahiko SASAKI
Human Engineering to Reduce Damage on Passengers at Train Collision (1.57MB) Koji OMINO
Evaluation of Ride Comfort (1.67MB) Hiroaki SUZUKI
No.1, January 1, 2003 (11.77MB)
Message to You on Founding the Newsletter on Research and Development by RTRI
    1 (786.8KB)
    2 (1003.9KB)
Hisashi TARUMI
Track Inspection Technologies (1.49MB) Eiji YAZAWA
Management of Rail Top Irregularities to Reduce Rolling Noise (1.79MB) Yoichi SUNAGA
Semi-Active Suspension System (1.98MB) Kimiaki SASAKI
Application of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor to Driving Railway Vehicles (870.4KB) Minoru KONDO
Power Storage at Substations (1.84MB) Takeshi KONISHI
Precise Contact Force Measuring Method for Current Collection System
    1 (1.84MB)
    2 (643.0KB)
Mitsuru IKEDA
Development of a New Early Earthquake Detection and Alarm System (1.92MB) Shin-ya TSUKADA
A Method to Estimate the Efficiency of Ground Vibration Reduction Wall (946.3KB) Kimitoshi ASHIYA
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